An italian american football player in Reus

Never give up your dreams, or they'll come back chasing you wherever you are. Here i am back on a football field ready to play!

I don't have plans while traveling on the road, i just decide where to go and what to see on a daily base. This leaves the door open to many opportunities.
Got a chat on facebook a few days ago, i former teammate of mine is coaching an american football team in Spain.
"I am waiting for you to come over and play". We planned it many times, but never happened for one reason or another. Then two years ago i retired playing football. I've played for 20 years, it ruled my life so much i started hating it and since the years passing and the injuries did not make me move as a top player anymore i lost my faith in it... however something rang a bell in my head. What a great opportunity to enjoy football again, teach the young guys, learn spanish and just live a new experience. The whole purpose of vanlife is to travel as much as i can and making new experiences, meeting new people, getting to know new cultures and places.
So yes! I am going to play football for 4 months in Reus.

This will also give me time to save money and explore the surroundings.

So after a long trip of 28 hours on the road... i finally get to Reus, in time to get out of the van and run into the field for my first practice. The season already started, so i need to be quick in fitting in. Luckly i am in a pretty good shape, ut need to workout a bit more.

Reus is nice, small, well organized, clean. It is known by its commercial activity, for being a centre for rock-climbing and as the birthplace of architect Antoni Gaudí (thank you wikipedia).

Will post more when i get to know the place better.
The weather is sunny and warm and i love to have my morning yoga session on the rooftop terrace of the apartment the team gave to me and two more players to share.

That is jut one thing killing the vibe: dogs are not welcome anywhere. I heard it is so in all of Spain. I do not like it at all. Margot needs to be on the leash the whole time, and dog parks are small and dusty. Is going to be a traumatic for her, since she's used to run free in huge parks with me every morning.
We'll work something out.

Meanwhile we played our second (first for me) game in Barcelona against the Rookies (and sadly lost 28 to 26).

Follow the team here:
Go Imperials!

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