A few shots from my last trip to the Philippines

Our lives just stumbled upon an unwanted guest: the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic. From one day to another we find ourselves locked inside our homes uncertain of what will come next.

In a few weeks, we saw our freedom slowly being taken away from us by this threat sitting outside our doors. Here in Italy, it was a rough encounter.
All this free time I've earned from this situation could've led me to dedicate more time to refine my writing techniques and find nicer topics. I was willing to illustrate my ideas about "white tourism" (or more appropriately "western tourism") and its impact on the progressive loss of local identity in South East Asia. How embarrassing was it to see people travel miles overseas to see them hunting for the same experiences they could've enjoyed from back at home.

But since the times are already problematic, I wanted to have a lighter approach. Even though i must admit it was saddening to see the Philippino people sick and tired of the dumbness of some hostels, so much they have advertisements everywhere warning their owners and guests to stop being such dicks. 

Let's get over it, I stressed this topic too much already and I said I wouldn't.
I will pretend everything is fine and just drop here some happy pictures of amazing landscapes, small islands, nature, waves, surfing, and sunsets. 
And let's hope we can go back out there soon, free and lighthearted like these kids here.

And go back to enjoy the sun, the waves and all the little treats Mother Nature has spoiled us with

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