This is Hossegor!

An Indian summer swell in early October delighted the South-West coast of France with amazing waves. We were there to witness it and play along

On the calendar Summer was a long-gone thing, but the sweet sunny weather did not leave the coast until later in November when it started raining interruptedly for straight 18 days.
Tourists in those days would fill the lineups only with the arrival of autumn waves.
Surf houses never rested and everyday soft-tops would crowd the shore, until the days that bridge from September to Octobe, when an indian-summer swell hit the Atlantic Ocean waters far out the southwest coast of France and north of Spain.
Beginners had to keep their boards stored in their cars to move away to sheltered beaches down the coast and leave the scene to the experts and the fools.
And it was a real show.

With the high tide rising at sunset, the nasty shore break of La Graviere started bombing some deep and fast barrels attracting quite a crowd...

...some unexpected spectators too!

Cannot say it was not crowded on the lineup...

And with the WSL QuickPro tour at its doors right on the same spot, pro-surfers came along to test the battlefield 

Sorry to say that no pictures of me surfing were taken those days (it wouldn't be a great display anyway),  but after watching the first heavy day pass by, I couldn't resist any longer and joined the crowd of fools in the water.

Some more pics fo those days


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