A van-family in Les Landes

In the 60's people in the US would leave their work in the city to reach the coasts of California and live the surf life with just their cars. Here this lifestyle never ended. Welcome to Landifornia.

I found a new family on the road.
Is an awkward family, full of life and personality, made of different people from different life experiences and social ranges, but with the same passion for wild nature and the ocean.
And the vanlife of course.
They (we) don't move much, if not to park our vans in the forest at night where the police won't bother us for our presence.
This family is full of colors and diversity.
There are quite a few carpenters, a blacksmith, a pharmacist, an actor, chefs, summer jobs seekers, waiters, surf instructors, shapers, graphic designers, photographers, flight attendants, and me, a programmer and developer and part-time b&b founder and manager of The Lost Motel.
There is also royalty, and Margot, of course, is the princess.

We wake up early to check for the "vagues" from the top of the dunes, and we go to sleep late since summer days last longer and the late sunlight fools around our sense of time.

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Days unwind easily, sharing waves, food, music, and stories. Night parties happen spontaneously with no need of organization, they are just a sweet consequence of sunset drinking, when we go watching all together "le coucher du soleil", with music booming from boomboxes and inhaling the psychedelic effect of the fresh ocean air.
You can find this petit community in the South West of France, in a small parking lot near the beach in Les Landes.
Some of us are here the whole year round, even in the cold winter season. 
If you drop by, come and say hello.

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Hi, I am Mike, and you must've stumbled upon my travel journal unconsciously, maybe looking for something interesting and well written. If that is so, you are in the wrong place. These pages are useless, lack of proper grammar, but they also have some flaws. Enjoy!
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