Catalunya State of Mind

Been in Catalunya for more than a month. Thieves breaking in my van, didn't ruin my vibe. Took advantage of season brakes to visit Tarragona and Barcellona.

I read lots of bad things about driving vans to Spain. And yes, it happened to me too, but i like to think i had only one unliky incident.

After a few days here thieves broke into my van and stole some stuff: ikea knives, socks (???), but what hurts the most is a hard drive with all my pictures of the past 10 years. It was the only backup, and i don't have any other copy.

I won't hold a grudge though. I still feel lucky and extremely thankful for this oportunity i am given, i won't let some punks ruin it.

It was a long month, a lot happend.
Since i moved here to play football with a team, i had to give up van life for a little while.
They are giving me an apartment, food, gym, and take care of all the bills. Basically i get tot stay here, learn spanish, stay fit, play football and enjoy life without spending a dime. 
A few years ago i founded my own business with two partners (Opposite™ Most of my clients are in the US, Japan, France, England... so i don't really need to stay in Rome. This gives me the chance to work even if i am on the road, or, as i am right now, playing football in Reus! :-)

However the sportsmen life didn't stop me from road-tripping every once in a while.

Visited Tarragona, of which i knew very little, but i was actually blown away by its beauty.
Is a small city that overlooks the mediterranean sea by an incredible terrace. The casc antig (old city) is the mediaval part articulated in little alleys that follow the classical grid of the roman castrum that lays underneath.
It was in fact a roman colony with palaces, forum and also an anfiteatre just like in Rome.

Last weekend a teammate of mine and i opted to go visit Barcelona.
Been there many times already, but is never enough. We parked the van by the lovely beach of Bogedal.
It is right above playa de la Barceloneta, and in a walking distance to the main attractions.
We spent three days relaxing by the beach, exploring the little alleys of the center and meeting new and inspiring people in the park of la cuitadel. The weather helped a lot.
At night we enjoyed the nightlife of el barrio Borne, and since we were both not used to drinks that much, we got tipsy pretty early. 
Just one thing: everything costs a lot more than any other part of Spain!! Probably twice as much.
We cooked most of our meals in the van, but it was still costly. 

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