Rules in a Van

There is very little space, and even to live only with yourself and your pet can be challenging. So you gotta follow some rules.

Yes Margot, we need some rules, and no, you cannot sneak into bed at night!!!

Life in a van can be awesome, but it can get very frustrating.
You can take with you whatever you want to, it don't matter, as long as it covers a proper dedicated space.
No kidding, if something is in the way, it will be all of the time, an is going to kill the vibe.
I made some rules for my self to keep my vanlife healthy and without stress.

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1. Gas money needs to average 10€ per day
otherwise you loose control of your expenses, and an economic life can become a blood transfusion

2. Work everyday Monday to Thursday from 10am until 6pm
I need money to keep traveling and to buy me food, plus is my own company is good that i take good care of it.

3. Lunch is at 1pm, dinner at 8pm
Is easy to lose the sense of time, so two alarms will remind me is time to eat.

4. Workout everyday
Run, go to a gym or (like i do) do some exercises. Stay Fit! Do YOGA!

5. Be creative
Spend some time of the day creating something. Draw, paint, play an instrument, dance, invent.

Moving into a van, especially when you are on your own, can also put you in close contact with the darkness that haunts your soul. It is actually something that we should all look for. Face ourselves, face our fears, get to know that side, understand it, so that it can build a better you.
So i made some extra rules to keep me up:

1. "Stop being a mama's boy"
A crazy young yoga teacher i met in Bali once told me: "you are a creator, you can achieve anything you want, so just go, stop being a mama's boy, and do it". She was so right. Never complain about anything, especialy of things you cannot change, like the weather or others people behavior. 

2. Look to the good things you got, do not concentrate on what is bad
Or you'll remain stuck into the bad things. Really, they will tangle you and wrestle you to the ground.

3. Do not look for easy placebo
Looking for an easy way out, is just the wrong direction. Stay where you are, connect with yourself, grow out of it.
Do not look for distraction, because the problem will show up again. And it will be harder to go through.

4. Concentrate on yourself and get to know you better. What is that you like?
It's fun, but a lot of people don't even know how to answer that question. "What do you like?" they just throw random things at you. The real question is "what fulfills your soul?". Its easy to give answers, is not easy to give the right ones.

This is the little vademecum i keep for myself, it helps me when i forget where i am at with my life.

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Hi, I am Mike, and you must've stumbled upon my travel journal unconsciously, maybe looking for something interesting and well written. If that is so, you are in the wrong place. These pages are useless, lack of proper grammar, but they also have some flaws. Enjoy!
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