Sri Lanka explained through colors

No other way to describe the colorful blast of Sri Lanka if not by pictures

In March I spent a whole month backpacking through Sri Lanka.
By bus, by train, by tuktuk, with a bike in the end with a scooter.
God must've used this island as a color board for the bigger masterpiece.
Give it a look.
Rainbow money
Blu busses

Red trains, bluegreen vagons

And yellow coconuts

Golden Sunsets

White temples 

Million colors temples
Orange Monks, orange statues, blue skins

Brown Kandy
Green jungle

Turquise beaches
Colorful Fish Market

Pink dusk
And then there were the Surfing Wombats... they had all the colors!

There were also white/brown/grey monkeys, green lizards, black snakes, birds of every kind and every shade, curry sauces, and good hearts.

No doubts this land deserves a visit!

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