Bangkok hit me with its shockingly intense cultural punch right in the stomach. And hell yeah, i loved it!

I embarked for Bangkok two months ago.
That is how i started a scouting tour in Asia.
Cannot say what i am scouting for, i like to keep my projects private, but i can share the leisure parts of my traveling.

I am backpacking.
I have no clue how it is going to be like. I tend not to plan too much about my travels since i like to leave open doors to whatever good comes my way.
Plus planning narrows everything down to touristy stuff and i would like to avoid those traps.
I found out you can enjoy  much more exploring on your own than sticking to a lonely planet guide. Of course a little bit of direction is needed, so i bought a map of Bangkok as soon as i landed at the airport.

I don't have much with me. Some shirts, underwear, two books, one pair of jeans, trunks, my journal and my Uke.
I take pictures with my phone and sometimes i like to fool around with a gopro.
A real camera is not part of my traveling gear, i hate carrying heavy weights, but one day i'll have to get used to it.
The Shock!

Bangkok is shocking. Is punching me right into my stomach, but i kinda like it.
There is a major grid of high rise buildings, intersected by low rise narrow grids filled with temples and jungle lots.
Different layers pass above my head as i walk down the street to my hostel.

The sky-train flies over the busy streets, crossing the path of the old railway, through skyscrapers reaching high into the sky, and runs all the way down and scross the Chao Phraya river that is busy with water-busses going from the sea to the inland. Every layer is connected by escalators, stairs, elevators and ramps.
It is a giagantic creature with fully functional organs, once you've left your doubts behind, is easy to get around.

The shock however is beautiful and intense.
It's in the unusual eye-filling overlapping architectural geometries.

The lovely scent of world famous street-food in the neon filled streets of Chinatown, mixed with the nasty, nose-pinching smell of rotten garbage left in the streets.

It's the busy, dirty, smelly markets full of everything that you may or may not need

It's in the dirt of the little alleys and the clean grass of the parks populated by a full life circle of exotic animals

The mystic Chao Phraya river.

The spirituality of its temples.

The madness of Khaosan Road and the harassing drink sellers/tuktuk drivers/scorpion-frying locals.
The rats ruling the underground world and bringing the trash bags to life at night.
The sudden diversification of the urban texture.
The masseuse girls in the streets, next to the ladies and the ladyboys from the red-light district.
It's in the politeness of people standing in single lines waiting on the banks of the sky train, and the kind smiles of thai people dragging the "aaas" of every word they pronounce.
This city is crazy, is gigantic, is amazing and I love it!

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