Say hello to Jumbo!

I love to travel with my dog Margot. now we have something that can just make it possible. #JUMBOTHEVAN our new friend and travel companion.

I had a dream. 
I made that dream come true. 
My family is a quite big family made of Mom, Dad, 3 brothers and 3 sisters.

So in order to keep traveling all together my father always had to choose a Van as a primary car!

Our first Van was a Fiat 900T Van, that cought fire as my father was driving it on the highway. Luckily nobody got hurt. When we moved to the states (we lived in Colonial Williamsburg for 4 years from 1981) we bought a Dodge Ram Van that was part of our family for almost 30 years, untill it left us for good some years ago.

Since then i couldn't stop dreaming about a van for me and Margot.
My motto has always been "less is more", and the van life gives it to you to the fullest.
So, long story short... I introduce to you my new friend and fellow traveler: Jumbo The Van!
Now Margot and I will be able to travel and take home with us everywhere we like!

Hi, I am Mike, and you must've stumbled upon my travel journal unconsciously, maybe looking for something interesting and well written. If that is so, you are in the wrong place. These pages are useless, lack of proper grammar, but they also have some flaws. Enjoy!
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