Leaving home. Leaving Rome.

Sold most of my stuff, let my flat for rent, restored Jumbo. I am now (almost) ready to say goodbye.

I just handed the keys to the new tennants. It is hartbreaking and stressing to move away from your own apartment, but i am pretty used to it, this is my 4th time in 7 years.
I finally let my apartment for the next 3 years, that will give me a break from the mortgage for a little while.

I spend the last few days boxing...

A few months ago i started saving money, selling my car, my motorbike, renting my flat on Airbnb (got 10 bookings with top ratings ^^).

Ended up getting rid of most of my stuff, all the things i could make profit from.
I also started doing some side-jobs, just to make the income more consistent for a little while.

A few months later, i found online someone giving away the van i've always dreamed of: a VW LT28 Diesel from 1981. The rest is history: i already introduced the new family member JUMBO in my previous post.

It is so well equipped and perfectly kept that seems unreal when i tell my friends the little price i spent for it...
I had to work on it a lot though: massive engine restoration, new silencer, new clutch. It meant a lot more money than the price i spent for the van itself, but it was worth it, and is still a very small price for the whole thing.

Sadly i couldn't just take of and leave once the restoration was done a few months ago.
My family is going through probably the hardest time ever, and i had to be close and available. And i still want to be here with them. My mom is fighting an evil thing, and my father is totally dedicated to her 24/7 non stop. Most of my siblings live abroad, and i am the only one with a flexible schedule and no family (besides Margot). 
We are lucky things seem to be getting better right now, even if is not over... but this is going to give me the chance to finally take of.

But is time to say goodbye. I will miss my place and will keep in my heart all the good things happened in here.
Goodbye "Michele's Couch & Kitchen"!

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