Vanatism - Don't believe the hype

#VANLIFE has become a trend all over the internet. With it a lot of people started experiencing the life on wheels with different approaches. The outcome is kinda awkward to me.

Elderly people have been doing it silently for decades: right after retirement, they would sell everything, and move into big campers with all comforts, kiss their sons and grandsons goodbye and hit off and run to more affordable areas, blessed with a milder climate.
Now, this lifestyle seems to has become an obsession to a generation grieving to excel, to show off, to rule. 

Let's relax for a moment, guys.

In a previous post, i already expressed my concerns about the vanlife and all the ups and downs related to it. (
Traveling on the road and getting in contact with other experiences made me realize that vanlife is not just a movement. It's becoming a religion. Sometimes fanatism, or playing with words: vanatism.

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I don't know at which point exactly, living/experiencing life in a van became the manifesto of a new culture dedicated to doing very little while judging the rest of the world around as infamous and wrong.
Sometimes you may find Vanlifers standing tall on a podium believing their lifestyle is the "real shit", the healthiest one, and they are living life to its fullest while everybody else is just resigning to being losers.

In this community, i noticed a few patterns. For example, those who "suffer more" have more chances to be identified as "real vanlifers", and there seems to be a list of benchmarks to which you must comply if you want to be considered a respectable one.

1) A "centered" Vanlifer preaches to everybody else how to live lifein a van and spreads the vanlife verb.
Every vanlifer believes he is a "guru" to real life.

2) A real Vanlifer converted his/her van him/her self.
Spending approximately as much money as it would've cost buying an already furnished van but with a less reliable result. I still appreciate it though, I love people's creativity.

3) A compelling Vanlifer cannot enjoy a dinner out with friends. He/She stays in and eats eggs or plant-based raw meals to save money.
However, he/she can go out and spend everything on booze and/or drugs.

4) A must for a Vanlifer is to own a smelly dog with no leash. Otherwise, go for dreadlocks. Or both.
Sorry Tom!

5) True Vanlifers shall never enter a camping site and should never pay for parking spaces. 
It is not cool enough.

7) Serious vanlifers have been doing it for longer than you have!
Bring respect. 

8) The "real" vanlifers started a gofoundme campaign 
Because everyone should love their project and finance their vacations so that they can keep posting on Instagram

On the contrary, I think vanlife is just a fun way to travel and experience life.
Is not about having the need to be constantly on the move, but rather having the ability to chose whenever you like, where to wake up tomorrow morning.
Is not something that sets me apart from the rest of the world, but a vector that can actually make me do more and meet more people.
Is not an excuse to give up on a decent living but a way to cultivate my passions and achieve more.
I do not believe the vanlife is "the real and only way of life", but it is a fun one to me, I enjoy it, and I hope it will give me a chance to always be free and travel as much as I like.

But who cares what I believe. 

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