The roads that lead to Portugal

Vanlife across 3200+ kms, from Italy to Portugal, going through France, Spain and breathtaking landscapes

I've been on the road for quite a while now.
Took off from Rome 21 days ago, went through Italy, the Alps, France, all the southern coast of Spain and finally made it to Portugal.

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It is a tough situation though.
All my choices brought me away from a lot of comforts: my friends, my family, my house that I chose to sell. All things that would make my life a little less uncertain. But I have other plans now.
The only certain thing so far is the road traveled on and the path I've chosen. I ignore what comes next.
The intentions are clear and the commitment is high. 
All I can do is accept this phase. Embrace the distance from love, friends, family and all other things that are usually taken for granted, and just keep pushing.

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My friends sometimes are jackasses that like to make fun of me and mock me in a bully fashion for my pictures, my journal, my choices. But I know that somehow is their own way to show affection. At least I hope.
My little sister Raffaella just gave birth to Maria, my 13th nephew. Besides the incredible joy for her, her daughter and her husband Luca, it also makes me the only one of 6 siblings unmarried without kids.
And I'll turn 39 tomorrow.
Don't really know what my family thinks of all this.
I never heard once the question "are you happy?" from anyone. All I heard was "when are you going to work?".  I am happy, in case you were wondering now.
Other people badmouth about my lifestyle. Yes, they are that desperate.
Often happens that someone tells me "you look to me like someone who is escaping from something". This is a common unperceived mistake that always comes from a reflection of the own viewer psychological state. I am not escaping anything at all, I am actually going toward something that I want badly. I know it, and that is all I need.

3200+ Kms gone. Our wheels span on a lot of concrete, with more than a few nice highlights.
Marseille was an unexpected treat, and the white Calanques a gift of peace and utter beauty.

Drove through the controversial situation between Catalunya and Spain. 
I lived in Catalunya for a short while, I know how much this independence thing means to them, but besides which side you are on, what the Spanish government and police did in those days is simply a coward act, disgusting, repulsive and draws a layer of shame on Spain and Spanish history.

After that short hiccup in the north, the journey continued in southern Spain, where the landscapes are simply a blast! Without a doubt the most beautiful roads I've ever driven on.
It feels like Mexico, it's spelled Andalucia.

I ended up in Huescar, a small city that made me feel like the Fuller family when they arrive at the Titty Twister bar in the movie "From Dusk Till Dawn".
Gipsy families of Troglodytes still live in caves around here, and often homes develop underground.
I am not sure about it, but it must be for the bioclimatic advantages since the soil gets extremely hot and dry.

Refreshed a bit on the mountains of Sierra Nevada, next to Granada, where a nice fox came to visit us and do the honors. Had also a very nice hike up the mountains with Margot.

We are now in Portugal, after short visits in beautiful Tarifa and Seville.

More Kilometers to go ahead of us. And yes, I am very happy, lucky and grateful for being here!

Hi, I am Mike, and you must've stumbled upon my travel journal unconsciously, maybe looking for something interesting and well written. If that is so, you are in the wrong place. These pages are useless, lack of proper grammar, but they also have some flaws. Enjoy!
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