Goodbye Spain, slow travelling back to Rome

Is just an "arrivederci", i will be back!

A week ago Margot and i had to say goodbye to Spain and to all of my plans of traveling around the coasts of the Iberian peninsula (so Portugal too).

I left Rome with a lot of resistance since i had family problems going on. When i went back on Easter to visit my parents, i realized i had to go back.
So i did. I dismissed myself from the Imperials Family that was so kind to host me in a very special and fun environment. Will always be thankful for the chance they gave me, and i hate the fact that i couldn't really pay them back playing throughout the whole season.
The guys were great, i loved the team, and Reus was a lot of fun.

The ride back took four days. Although i know those streets by heart it was lovely, and i tried to make it a bit of an adventure by choosing provincial roads rather than highways. 

Spain said "arrivederci" with a cloudy red sunset which kept me company all the way to Barcelona where i spent the night and said goodbye to more friends.

The day after i was in Provence. A bit disappointed because the lavanda fields haven't blossomed yet, buy it was still a very interesting panoramic drive. The curvy roads made Margot a bit nervous, but she got used to them.
My van is a slow vehicle anyways so i thought it wise to enjoy the landscapes and visit new towns on the way back home. Avignon was a quick drive-thru, i didn't like how they were eyeballing my van. Or maybe i was just too paranoid. So after an overdose of green fields, flowers, cherry trees and water mills, i slept one last night in the wild, before i headed for the seaside of the Cote d'Azur.

I didn't know where i was exactly when i woke up, no signal, no directions and nobody to ask around. 
Driving east (i suppose) i met some directions for a town named Isle-sur-la-Sourge. the name sounded interesting so i gave it a go.
The surprise was totally unexpected. Isle-sur-la-Sourge was so nice. Four canals surround this little piece of land and mills make it fun and interesting to visit. But again, i am in a bit of a hurry so it has to be a quick tour since i have an appointment for dinner in Cannes.

I have a friend waiting for me, a dancer i met many years ago in London and i was really looking forward to exchange chats again. 
Cannes felt classy and chic, but also hilly and killing my Jumbo!
I reached the beach and parked the van right on the strip, not far from the Red Carpet where every year crowds of actors, directors, producers and artists spend two weeks for the world famous Cannes Film Festival
The pay park was off for the night, so i didn't even have to bother wasting coins.
My friend came to meet me and Margot and we went out to La Croisette for the night.
We spoke about passions and loves and all sort of random things that came up during a delicious dinner.
[NOTE: in Spain a medium beer is 1.5€ in Cannes was 7€... dinner in Spain 10 to 20€, in Cannes 45€]

The morning after i was back on the road and in a few hours i reached Italy.
Of course i stop again in Viareggio where i have more friends to visit. We got drunk at night at a party at the harbor.  It messed my plans to be back home by noon the day after, but it was okay. I woke up with a heavy storm outside, and a bit of an inside rain too. I forgot the top portholes open during the night. I should've been smarter.

Before i get to Rome i stop to see some surfing action at Banzai Beach in Santa Marinella.
Is a good sunset and an incredible spot for surfing. Perfect mix.

But after a while i realized i had to get back home. I was just one hour away.
When i show up at the door my father almost cried for how happy he was i came back to stay.
It would've been the 1st time in my entire life i saw my father crying. He didn't. But he did have some tears in the eyes.

So here i am, back home, where they need me most right now. My plans are there and i will be able to get onto them again. They can wait, so do i. Is good to be here now. 

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