Getting my bike and camping gear ready for a brief summer tour along the Danube

Travel light, bring with you easy to wash and dry technical gear, leave behind useless stuff.

Preparing my bike for a solo tour is harder than i thought. I always get that feeling that i am forgetting something behind which brings a subtle, constant form of anxiety.
My bike is a GIANT MTB Talon 2, 26". 
I know that there are better bikes and worse bikes, but i love my blue beauty!

The plan is to take a train all the way up to Passau (germany) and ride along the Danube on the longest european cycling track that reaches Budapest (approximately 550Km).

Biking gear
  • fixing tools (tip top is a must, i found some glueless solutions at Decathlon and they work greatly)
  • helmet (i know my ride won't be a crazy one, but is always best to bring one along)
  • biking shoes
  • gloves
  • k-way (is august yes, but you'll regret it if you leave it behind)
  • lights (for my night tours)
  • bags
  • reinforced biking shorts (x2 – yeah guys you have to wash one every once in a while...)
  • x2 extra tube
  • pump
  • lock

Camping gear
  1. tent (I found a special offer for a Ferrino Lightent 2
  2. sleeping bag
  3. foldable lightweight pillow
  4. inflatable rubber bed (matress)
  5. lamp

Personal gear
  1. x3 underwear
  2. x3 socks
  3. x1 hoody
  4. x1 microfiber towel (easy to dry)
  5. sunglasses
  6. 3 meters of rope to hang stuff to dry
  7. flip flops (oh... you will love your flip flops after a long day cycling)
  8. soap
  9. toothbrush + toothpaste
  10. phone
  11. extra battery
  12. GoPro 4 Silver Edition (i will try to film some videos)
  13. music 
  14. Nikon D40
  15. backbag
  16. 1x elastic rope

If you really want to enjoy nature and your ride... do not put earplugs in your ears to listed to music! I love the sounds of nature, is part of the journey. So to me, music is okay only at night, in my tent.

This time i won't be traveling with Margot, my dog, and is a pity... but I am saving money for a big gift for her, and the train tickets for the two of us would be too expensive (especially because you have to get a whole cabin for yourself when traveling with pets).

I am ready to go!

Hi, I am Mike, and you must've stumbled upon my travel journal unconsciously, maybe looking for something interesting and well written. If that is so, you are in the wrong place. These pages are useless, lack of proper grammar, but they also have some flaws. Enjoy!
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