An angel flew back into the sky

Love is never wrong. 
So many things i learned in my life, and i hope i will learn more, but just a few are really useful enough.
The most important of all is that love never destroys, from love things can only be built. If they don't, it was never love from the very beginning.
Love, devotion, loyalty are the main values my family taught me.
Whatever it is, if you do it with passion, you will never loose.

I stopped updating the blog for a while. I needed some time for my own and my family.
One of the two most important persons of my life left. 
A long fight we all wished would turn in a huge victory, suddenly came to an unwanted end.
No matter how prepared you are, when it comes, It breaks your heart bad. And there is nothing that you can do.

Memories warm my heart. There are so many beautiful things my mom left behind.
First of all my family. My brothers, my sisters and 12 nephews. A mark is inside all of us and you can feel it. And that mark comes also from her.
She left love. My mom and my dad, both very young and with not much in their pockets, grew 6 kids. They lost her third child, Mario. He was only 6 months old. I never met him, since i came many years later, but his story still affects me in some way.
This loss did not stop my parents, they had 4 more kids. And when we were all big enough, my mom went for temporary adoption and with my dad they helped the families of 4 more children.
She left strenght and teachings. "Believe in yourself. Stand up straight and shine as you are." she would say. 
She left energy, she never stopped, she went to her theatre lessons until a few days before she left us.

I am so honored i could be there and help and give all that i could give for this last year spent together. 
Nothing can ever compare to the value of that time. I will never regret all the choices i made and all the things left or lost.
It was hard, but it the end is making me proud and these thoughts are helping me a lot.
I asked her many times "are you happy i am here with you?". She always replayed with her biggest smile and gentle eyes "very very much".
An angel flew back into the sky

As i was walking into the hospital i got this text message from my dad. With these words he was announcing us the saddest of news. 

We are now stronger, and we all have a special memory of her.
I will always try to live by the example of my parents, the real love behind all their efforts that made them overwhelm the difficulties faced on their path together. Their sacrifices, the will to succeed, their unity even when they were physically distant.

Now i don't cry anymore, now i smile. I think of the good and fun things of the past.
I remember her chasing me with her clogs in her hands to bust my head open for one of my many misbehaviors, or waiting me in tears outside of school the day i got fluncked. She was known by everybody in our neighborhood like "the mom", always present in her kids activities and life.
Last halloween even if she was wakened by chemotherapy, her body deteriorated and so affected she couldn't walk, she still wanted to open the house to the little kids knocking for "trick or treats". I made her make up as a witch, and i was her Frankenstein and we had a great time with those little youngsters.

She will be missed a lot. Nothing can ever replace her love, but everytime i will be thinking of her, i will be smiling.

Ciao Mamma.

In loving memory of  my mom Rita Rossi La Corte. No doubt she is in heaven now. :-)


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