About Mike and Margot

A guy tried to rip me off in Bali while driving me to Keramas for the Oakley Pro Surf contest.
He hijacked me and my friend into a little alley and asked for more money to take me to that beach.
Told me: "if you go on your own, you will get lost".
I hated that moment, it made us feel unsafe, i was not going to give money to him, so i replied "well, we like to get lost" waved goodbye and left.

That trip changed my life forever. It was my first time traveling solo. The island of Bali. That experience was so rewarding and fulfilling, that to me now, is a must to take time to be by myself and do my own things the way i want them to be.
Is hard for other people to accept this sometimes, and many tend to judge it or make fun of it.
They don't know what they are missing. 

Hi, my name is Michele, but you can call me Mike.
I am a self taught designer/programmer from Rome, Italy, where I work for my company, Opposite.
I've always loved traveling, and can't stop dreaming about the next trip. 
I want to make sure i don't miss out anything i may like from this pieces of earth, I want to travel, explore it all and get to know better my own myself. Share my experiences right here on my blog, but no, i am not a writer nor a photographer. It will still be awesome.

I love sports, and to stay in the wild.
When i travel, i like to mingle with people, walk around with curiosity, rent a bicycle or a motorbike so that i can get the most out of my brief stay. The best thing is not to make plans and to get lost. Let the unexpected happen.
There is so much beauty if I just stop and pay attention. All i needed to do is slow down and breathe.
I found out that people is not waiting for you to do you evil, and that sometimes the things that go wrong may be the events from which you get the real experience.

With me there is Margot, my faithful and loving dog. She likes to go jogging with me, lie in bed all day, swim in the sea, sit in the sun, and to chase lizards... but most of all she loves having people around her.

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